Headshot photo of Jovanni.

Hi, I'm Jovanni!

I am a senior Computer Science major and member of the Reneé Crown University Honors program at Syracuse University. I have experience in the fields of IT, networking, and software development, and am intersted in the intersection of those areas. Additionally, I am curious about robot ethics and algorithmic bias. I am currently seeking a full-time position, where I hope to make a positive, meaningful impact on company efficiency and workplace culture.

It looks a bit empty, what's going on?

This is the beginning of a fully-functioning portfolio website with a contact form and listing of current and past projects. Through this development process, I am working to teach myself HTML, CSS, Sass, and JavaScript so that I can add front-end skills to my repetoire which supplement my university education. For example, this website was developed solely by me after only near seven hours of independent learning. I hope to use this site as an example of the speed at which I learn, as well as a point of comparison as my skills grow in the future.

I will be adding functionality to this website periodically (as my schedule allows) so check back in periodically to watch it grow. If you'd like to see an example of my first web development project, click here.